It’s the small things

I like to think of myself as a big picture person, It’s unusual for me to do anything without considering the effect it may have on someone else, I like to get the feel of the overall project and not get bogged down with every small detail. I want to know how all the parts fit together not that just my part is relevant and I don’t need to know what everyone else is doing. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. It can be a double edged sword, it can paralyse me from doing anything because I cant see the benefit of my role and sometimes it gives me a unique perspective on how it all gels and creates something wonderful, I then have issues trying to explain this vision to someone else. Luckily for me I married someone who understands my gibberish and we can usually make a plan to move forward.

More and more I find myself looking at details and I think that is a good thing, By changing small things you can influence the bigger things. I have proved this over the last few years, making small changes to my lifestyle and these have had big consequences. The funny thing is that 3 years ago I would have said ” rubbish, there is no problem, I’m fine “ . It’s not until you have the help of hindsight that you realise how much you have achieved, just doing things day by day. Then suddenly one day you notice you are not tired anymore at 3 in the afternoon, you are wide awake at 11pm as you were at 11am and still going. You managed to go on a long walk and not collapse in a heap and insist on a takeaway because you were too tired to cook, or just that the colours in your head seem brighter and your focus on life is just better, You are more upbeat than downtrodden, everything seems possible. If you already have this type of thinking in your life congratulations, you are doing it right, if not, consider making a few small changes that might get you there, at worse you will be no further on than you are now at best the world of opportunities will be presented to you.

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