Month 2 Easter and a Wedding cake

Time is a funny thing, we say things like time flies / it can’t be spring already can it?/ where did that time go,/ it only seems like it was Christmas yesterday etc. but in reality that can’t be so, a minute always takes 60 seconds and the day is always 24 hours long, but our perception changes depending on our circumstances. A watched pot never boils mum used to say, but if the gas is on of course it will regardless of whether we stand and watch it or busy our selves doing something else in the mean time. What we are really saying is that time appears to moves faster if we make ourselves busy, this is true when we have an event coming up that we wish to attend and so we wish our lives away hoping that it will come quickly,but in doing so we/I  find that the very thing you are trying to speed up is what causes your stress levels to explode,as then we tell ourselves that there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

It only seems like last week that I wrote my last post, but it would seem that it was last month, and 5 weeks have pasted, can I remember what made me so busy-no . a lot of my time has been taken up this last few  week with a wedding cake for a daughter of a friend of mine, who got married on Easter Monday. It all ended well in the end,after a few issues matching the icing to the colour scheme and having to revise the plan when I couldn’t match the exact colour. This has led me to consider carefully what cake my daughter would like  would like in July, and what I can make.

I have continued being gluten free with  only a couple of very small oversights in error. and I do feel better most of the time. As part of the RAD (rare adipose tissue ) diet I should also cut out dairy and sugar but I am finding that much harder to do, so for the time being I am concentrating on cutting down. This is all fine until you see Mary Berry create hokey pokey ice cream and your friend has made it for pudding when she invites you round. It is possibly the easiest, most wonderful thing in the world! So I just had to make it for my girls, who agreed with me, Light on calories and dairy it isn’t! The thing is I have been craving sugar again and I can’t work out if this is to do my hormones or not. They are clearly out of sync  and I think that is my age. I can literally feel myself retaining fluid and expanding at odd times .this is born out by my weigh ins. I eat the same things almost every week- not the ice cream though- that is a treat- and my weight fluctuates. It is interesting as when you log in to weigh as I do you can get a break down of  has happened over the last few weeks and with me I lose weight for 3 weeks and gain every 4th and some times every 5th . Maybe this is just something women have to put up with, but I think that understanding this pattern helps to stay focused as I know it is likely to happen and not give up. I also read and interesting article the other day on one of the many Lipo sites that I look at  that said it was not unusual to only loose 1 stone and for the body to plateau ( annoyingly I cant find it now to share)  and this what has happened to me. since rejoining Rosemary  Conley back in  November of last year I have followed the same pattern  and been the same lowest weight 5 times before gaining  the following week. As I am now  1 stone lighter than I was when I started I will take it as a small victory and keep plugging away.

So Easter is over and so is the feasting that goes with it- I was very good on the egg front- The wedding invites are finally in the post and the preparations are well underway and I feel like I should have got one of those credit cards that reward me for spending. The next month will bring  days in front of the pc designing more wedding stuff alternating with being surgically attached to a glue gun. Hopefully it will also bring sunnier days to get out and about in  and salads for lunch and dinner. I hope to post some recipes of things I have been making here soon, as we have been curing and smoking our our own bacon, salmon and cheese with good success and far better flavour and quality .  I do believe that a lot of the additives in our food are contributing to a lot of heath issues and if  I I can help irradiate some of those issues I will.



This was a very long but helpful explanitary article on Lipoedema posted on one of the sites recently if your still  trying to sleep !!

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