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Its been a while since I last posted here, partly because I decided to put all my efforts into Keto Sue Chef recipe blog for the last year and I have gained some followers via Instagram and Facebook group I started called  Strictly Keto UK    Its been a successful year, despite the hysterectomy fiasco, and I can report that I have lost 72lbs or just over 5 stone in the last 2 years since I started this blog.  I have embraced the ketogenic way of eating, and while I know its not for everyone, it has certainly worked for me.When followed properly it has made a great difference to me, When I divert from the strict protocol, I stop loosing weight and generally feel awful. Once your system is clear of sugar it becomes easier to feel the effects that we often overlook.  I can count on one hand the occasions I have had sugar that I have been aware of, and clearly for me, sugar addiction was/is a real thing, now when I eat sugar, I am awake half the night, my pulse races and I generally feel unwell, In other words I am getting the benefit of the extra glucose hit that was intended,  so its just not worth it- alcohol also has this effect , alas.

I have spent a great deal of time reading up on all things connected to my health and diet and I am fascinated by what I have learned and how we do not really know what we think we know, I am quite sure that we are being misled about food and without even realising it, food is being marketed more creatively  to sell the products . I know the only time I want a Muller Lite Kremas yogurt is when I see the advert , the one with the naked man being sculpted on a Greek island. The sad thing for me is that it is fat free and full of sugar and sweeteners (10.1% ). Real yogurt only has milk, this one has 20 different ingredients and 5 of those are sugars and sweeteners, any more ingredients than you expect on a lable should send out warning signals.   Recently the government insisted that food manufacturers  calorie cap  their meals but I can’t see that helping much. This will just lead to them making smaller portions and people buying 2 packs instead of 1, nothing will help until we stop demonizing fat and realising that  calories are not the whole issue.  It seams to me that you need to be very savvy when you look at food labels, often the pack size says in small print that the pack is supposed to serve 2 or more, but you think, because of its size its a one person portion so you eat twice the intended amount you should have. The pack usually shows a nice picture of the product on a fancy plate and some crisp green veg or salad as a serving suggestion, but does anyone adds the extra salad or veg table to the plate? After all if you have time and inclination to prep the veg you would not be buying a ready meal in the first place.

Having been following a fairly strict ketogenic diet and lifestyle now since September 2016 I am used to prepping all my own meals,  my idea of processed food in my diet is cheese or salami,  I have had a good go at making my own cheese, I might have a go at salami later. Quite simply I want to know what is in my body and only then can I know to eliminate them if they make me unwell. Recipes can be found at ketosuechef my ketogenic blog as well as a general intro to keto on the getting started pages.

The more I read the more I think that the body is fantastic at what it does, every minute of every day it fights to balance everything and to find a way to keep you alive in the best health possible,  if you are not feeling 100 % something in your body is being compromised. It might manifest itself as acne or psoriasis, it might be stomach ache or the runs, it might be something like ME or PCOS or just  a feeling of lethargy or being tired all the time. These thing are all symptoms of something not being in the right balance, but often we overlook things, we give our bodies food punishment without a second thought, and expect it to do the right thing with what we give it. I watched an episode of Man verses Food  the other day where the presenter ate several chicken wings in a super hot spicy chilly sauce, they burnt on the way in I suspect it was worse on the way out, but he didn’t stop to think of his body would cope with it ,he just assumed it would.

One way the body helps look after us is via the lymphatic system, its job is to carry away all of the toxins that build up in the body, It runs around our body in the same way as the circulatory system ,  and when you get sick or stressed its your lymph system that rushes the right hormones to the rescue, The reason it can do this this so quickly is because it has nodules at strategic points around the body, (stomach,groins,armpits, your on site local pharmacy), there are fat cells in these areas as the lymph system has its own fuel supply in the fat cells so it knows it has a ready supply when it responds to chronic inflammation. Lymph runs close to the surface of the skin and is easily damaged, if you have an operation for example, damage can lead to your limb swelling, this is  what happens sometimes when you have your lymph nodes removed for example following cancer treatment. The body treats this as a chronic inflammation issue and sends in lymphatic fluid.   The swelling starts as the  lymphatic fluid   tries to respond.  Usually, when the danger has been dealt with the swelling goes back down, but in the case of damage or chronic inflammation  it has to stay a while, so it sets up camp with fat cells in the arm so it has a ready supply of fuel to treat the inflammation and after a while the the limb goes hard as it  becomes more fat than fluid. Lipoedema, what I have, and lymphedema go hand in hand and lead to swollen legs and ankles because to the body, it is a state of chronic inflammation.  After all this time my legs feel so much more squishy than they were, so maybe I am winning.  I am sure that by avoiding sugar the sick cells in my body have no thing to feed on and this is helping to heal my body from the inside out. It doesn’t need sugar,it is perfectly capable of making glucose for the brain, which is the only organ that needs it and the rest of the cells work very well on ketones.

Most of what I have learned about the ketogenic  way of life is from various sources, my favorite one is american and is called ketovangelist.com  most of the information in this post is from listening to this and other  pod casts, and from the book by Jason Fung The obesity code. Jason Fung is a Canadian Kidney Dr who is fighting to change the way we treat T2 Diabetes, he make the case for calories in does not equal calories out as far as the body is concerned and why all calories are not treated equally.

Episode 76 – Leslyn Keith treats lipedema with keto



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