The first two weeks

Having procrastinated  for pretty much the whole of January, I have finally decided what sort of diet I will follow and in the spirit of SMART goals I will now publish my goal:

I would like to lose 3 stones by for the benefit of my health  and to feel like I have more energy and to look better in my daughters wedding photos, I will aim to lose 1-2 lbs a week which is a steady weight loss recommended by all the experts, I will achieve this by following a diet which is mainly calorie counted but will incorporate an ethos of low fat, low sugar, gluten free and cutting down on dairy produce. and taking up some exercise. The results will be shown by the new clothes I will buy each month and clog up my wardrobe with . I have a dead line of 2nd July ultimately, but in the first instance I plan to lose 1 stone by the end of February.

Maybe its because I’m middle aged and I have the ability to look back, or it might just be that I have too much time on my hands! but, I often think about how it used to be, in this case the first time I went on an exclusion diet and gave up wheat it was 20 years ago just after my 2nd daughter was born. It was very difficult. There was no internet to buy stuff online, no ‘free from’ aisle in the supermarket, and so to find gluten free flour I had to drive to a specialist heath food store in my local big town 10+ miles away. The ready made loaves of bread were horrible, heavy, oddly tasting and had a very strange aftertaste, in fact, I’m not sure they deserved the name bread. Today I have no such difficulty, I can wander into any major supermarket and have a choice of gluten free, milk free,  products. Yes they are more expensive, I assume that’s because they are made in lower batch numbers, but there is choice, white bread, brown bread, rolls, thins and wraps and much more palatable than they used to be. The Warburtons’, brown bread is very close to the real thing. There is a strange mouth feel after you eat it but not so unpleasant to not try it.

So one of my main goals was not to eat wheat,as well as trying to cut back on unnecessary dairy and sugar, and to be alcohol free in the week, as well as trying to have more veg on a day to day basis. I struggled with pancake day! and had 2 pancakes, I could not bring myself to make special ones just for me, and pancake day is pretty big in our house, it brings back memories of pancake days past when we would hold or go to pancake parties, so I can make them almost with my eyes closed and can confirm that at 2 am it is quite possible, when the milk runs out you can substitute it with wine with perfect results! This was my only conscious major slip up where wheat was concerned so pat my self on the back.

I prefer to cook from scratch, as a rule I do not buy things in packets or jars and do not buy foods that have ingredients that I can’t pronounce , it frustrates me therefore when I do need to substitute regular items with gluten free ones, like gf bread and I see a long list of things that I haven’t heard off or would not ordinarily use.  I think this a big issue with starting a new diet. There are things that you’re not used to, and maybe would not buy.It takes a lot of time and energy getting to grips with labels!  I think It is good to try new things, or even things that you never used to like but might do now you’ve “grown up”. But, some things I struggle to get my head around, like when they add sugar in things to replace fat and now we know that this is a bad move and we know that too much sugar ends up as fat anyway, so why mess with original product just to save  a couple of calories.This is why I try to stick to fresh produce and not worry about label, fruit and veg do not have an ingredients list.


So its been two weeks and in the first week I lost 2.8 kg  yay! This brings me back to where I was  on 3rd December. Unfortunately, having done much the same thing diet wise last week I have gain 200g Boo! The thing is I should be used to this by now, due to the lipodema I retain water like a sponge, I should not let this distract me from my overall goal, I know this happens and I should not try and commiserate with my self and head for the high sugar items, I should trust my body to  do its thing and regulate it self and accept that it may take weeks, especially if I do indulge in things that are not on my plan, as that will just set me back a while.  My gynecologist can not quite decide if I am post or perri menopause, and I seem to still be having hormonal changes that effect me by bloating and inopportune bleeding and odd intervals also, and this will not help the reading on the scale so, I will continue to persevere with the diet as best as I can and try not to be so critical of the numbers scales.


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