Week 3 and feeling good.

So, I’ve been making things this week, trying to adapt my favorite recipes into gluten free ones, with limited success, I should add that this is not just for my benefit , I also make cakes for friends and family and I need to have a few reliable recipes so this was research,  I will be making the cake and biscuits for my daughters wedding in July and I know we have some allergies to deal with so I would be nice if they don’t feel forgotten. The first batch of biscuits I made were cinnamon and orange cookies, They were very nice but they had an aftertaste and made my mouth feel rather ‘shiny’ and left a coating on my teeth, I gave some to my daughter to give to a gf work colleague who said they were very nice and tasted like ordinary biscuits. so that was good, as all I had done was substituted gf flour blend . This week I have also made a gf carrot cake from Nigella , she uses almonds in place of flour and that works very well . Neither of these are ‘diet’ friendly in terms of calories but I have to take the view of everything in moderation or life becomes very tedious .

I have read an interesting article this week (http://www.fatdisorders.org/society/patients/inflammation) which refers to our bodies as being inflamed and that looking at our diet can help us remove the inflammation in our bodies, and this allows our bodies to work better. It doesn’t tell us anything we do not already know,I have also been reading other articles that suggest that we look at the RAD (rare adipose tissue diet or radical as I like to call diet) diet and paleo diet  .In other words we need to cut out carbs, processed foods, gluten and dairy. which is what I am already trying to do . This isn’t just aimed at those of us with lipoedema but would be a useful thing for us all to follow and see if we feel better, I have to agree with the thought that says why do humans think it is ok to drink milk from cows? No other species drinks the milk of another. and so, while is it delicious, it make a lot of sense to me that it isn’t suitable for everyone’s digestion.  The problem is that in the western world temptations are in our lives everyday and sometimes you just give in and follow ideas without question.

On the whole this week has been good, only gluten free bread, lean meat, probably not enough veggies, but while I am happy to be alcohol free during the week I have been out drinking this weekend and I feel that’s ok , what I am having the biggest issue with is dairy, I have cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day and I don’t want it black, the rest of the time I have been drinking hot water with slices of lemon, which has a whole lot more flavour than fruit tea . Until the weekend this was the only milk I had, I have brought lactose free milk but I have yet to convince myself to try it. We were at a friends house for dinner and I had homemade Ice cream for pudding. followed by lots of cheese! It was lovely. but I am back on the wagon today, hoping that I can slowly cut back on the dairy, until I don’t eat any  more,I also think that if I give everything up at once I won’t be able to tell what has made the difference and that may mean I give something up that wasn’t necessary and that just wouldn’t do.

The biggest thing I have noticed this week is that I feel brighter my brain feels a little more focused and have a little bit more get up and go, or rather I would have if I hadn’t managed to trap my sciatic nerve. I think it was caused during the long walk on my day trip around London, it was the furthest I had walked in a while.I also managed to drink black coffee this week without sugar and didn’t think it was disgusting, I noticed this happened the last time I went on a exclusion diet, and I was told that it was because there is a bacteria in the gut called candida and it needs sugar to thrive, and it causes you to crave sugar to feed it, and it is this that causes your sugar highs and lows.In light of all the press over how bad sugar is for you, I don’t think giving up sugar is a bad thing.

So, the numbers are in and this week I have lost…….1 Kg whoohoo! I track my progress through Rosemary Conley, I find some of the hints and tips helpful there even though I am following my own diet structure, and it states that since I started there in September I have lost 5.5 kg  nearly a stone, It would have been a bit more had I not got carried away over Christmas but never mind, we can only move forward not back.It does seem quite enough  but following the nutrition link from the above article makes me realise that its a marathon and not a sprint and it will take the rest of my life. I hope to make progress this week as I will get some  massage done which will help my sciatica and lipo legs and be able to exercise a bit more.Fingers crossed, I’m off to find my lactose free milk.



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